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利用按燈揀選小車進行訂單分揀? Order Picking With Pick To Light Trolleys

客戶 ?The customer


The Abena group is a Danish, family owned company established in 1953. They are among the market leaders in the protective healthcare business producing a wide range of incontinence products,baby nappies, sanitary towels and other healthcare-related disposable goods.Abena products are sold around the world through a distributor network of subsidiary companies and specialist distributors. The company markets some19,000 products not only to retail outlets and wholesalers, but also directly to various healthcare organizations and consumers. Sales via web shop(AbenaOnline/AbenaPrivate) and monthly subscriptions is a growing business. Abena has a fully automated warehouse in Aabenraa, quite far south in Denmark.

?1?? 任務定義 Task definition


Due to the increased internet sales and increasing number of subscription customers, they experienced a rapid growth in sales of smaller quantities and an increased need to breech packaging, new commissioning and repacking to each customer exact need. They started to handle this manually in the end of the fully automated warehouse, however realized soon that this was not efficient enough. Especially due to the fact that the efficient picking process for the fully automated warehouse resulted in very high peaks in manual handling. Therefore they started to look for a solution to handle this process more efficient.

?2?? 解決方案 Solution

在與卡迪斯的密切合作下新的進程得以明確:18臺帶有卡迪斯Shuttle XP帶有指示燈,配有按燈揀選系統并整合了卡迪斯Power Pick Global的無線信號分揀小車。這項革新性解決方案已經與他們的Consafe 的WMS系統SattStore相對接??ǖ纖茍低車腦俗饜閱莧繁A送暾咝У姆旨鴆僮?。按燈揀選設備確保分揀零失誤。這套系統已經幫助Abena無需通過繁瑣的監視既能夠非常順利地處理這些小訂單。與此同時,他們已經達到的分揀效率遠遠超過了之前的水平,并且為操作人員提供了更加符合人體工學的工作場所。他們驚奇于這套系統如此的易于上手操作。首先,他們在安裝完成之后僅用了兩周的時間就達到效率要求。其次,新的操作人員在接收簡短的系統培訓之后便能夠發揮最高的工作執行力。

In a close cooperation with Kardex the new process was defined: 18 Kardex Shuttles XP with light indicators, wireless picking trolleys with pick to light solution integrated with Kardex Power Pick Global.The innovative solution is integrated with their corporate WMS system SattStore from Consafe. The functionality of Kardex Dynamic Zones secures extremely efficient picking. The pick to light devices secures zero picking errors. The system has helped Abena to be able to commission these small orders very smooth without tedious peeks. Furthermore they have achieved far higher picking efficiency than before, and a more ergonomic working environment for the operators. They were amazed how easy the system is to use. First of all they were at requested efficiency only two weeks after installation. Secondly a new operator are able to work at top performance just after a short introduction to the system.

3?? 進程描述??? Process description
We would be delighted to explain details on stock management as well as storage and retrieval strategies in a personal consultation.
?4??? 優勢一覽
– 相比靜態貨架,相同數量的貨物僅需要占用原有地面空間20%
– 在卡迪斯的動態設備區域所有的設備性能都得到充分利用,實現極其高效的存取流程
– 存取批次能夠在同一時間進行操作,并且不需要在系統設置中做出更改
– 由于運用卡迪斯Power Pick Global軟件與配有按燈揀選系統的無線信號小車為操作人員做出準確指示,從而有效消除了分揀錯誤
– 每人每小時分揀超過200次,效率已經增至300%
?4?? Advantages at a glance
– Same amount of goods on 20 % of the floor space compared with shelving in mezzanines
– Extremly efficient put and pick process, utilization of all machine capacity at all time with Kardex Dynamic Zones
– Put and pick batches can be executed at the same time with no change in the system setup
– Picking errors are eliminated due to very clear guidance of the operator from the Kardex Power Pick Global Software and wireless trolleys equipped with a pick to light solution
– More than 200 picks per picker/hour equals a 300 % efficiency improvement
?5?? 交付范圍
– 18臺 Shuttle XP,7750毫米高,3050毫米寬的托盤共有990個倉儲位置,在僅為290平方米的地面空間上創造了2455平方米的倉儲空間,還包括了人行通道
– 5臺分揀小車,配備按燈揀選技術和條形碼掃描器
– 激光指示器,準確指示存取位置
– 卡迪斯倉儲管理軟件Power Pick Global以及連接SattStore WMS (Consafe)界面
?5?? Scope of delivery
–18 Shuttle XPs 7,750 mm high and3,050 mm wide trays with a total of 990 shelves giving 2,455 sqm storage space on only a footprint of approx. 290 sqm floor space – including aisles
– 5 picking trolleys by KBS with "pick to light" and barcode readers
– Laser pointer, points at the correct put and pick location
– Power Pick Global Software with Kardex Dynamic Zones and interface to SattStore WMS (Consafe)